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Posted by Abby Ord on September 8, 2016

person-centred counsellingI use Person-Centred and Psycho-Dynamic counselling theories and techniques in an integrated counselling approach.  Therefore I usually call myself an integrative counsellor. I work primarily as a person-centred counsellor, but I bring psychodynamic thinking into all my work. On this page I have given a brief description of the person-centred and psychodynamic theories.  This is so you can see what to expect and decide if you think this approach will suit you.
If you are not especially interested in counselling theory, but would like to have an overview of what happens in counselling, then you may prefer to read “About Counselling

Person-Centred Approach

Person-centred counselling is based on the belief that everyone has an ability to grow and change, provided that they are given the right kind of environment. Unfortunately many of us have had experiences in our lives that have had the opposite effect on us. Instead of feeling good about ourselves we might have poor self-esteem. Instead of trusting our own feelings and judgments we defer to others, even if it makes us feel bad. Instead of knowing who we are, we might struggle to work out what we really want or need.
The aim of person-centred counselling is to provide you with the right conditions to help you to grow and change in a way that feels natural for you. Using person-centred methods I will offer you a nurturing and warm relationship and will:


  • Value you as a unique individual
  • Accept you exactly as you are
  • Encourage you to think about your feelings and needs
  • Give you empathy and compassion
  • Help you to work things out in your own way


Psychodynamic Approach

Psychodynamic counselling theory is based on the idea that much of our behaviour is driven by unconscious feelings that come from past experiences. If you are struggling with relationships or patterns of behaviour in the present, then there may be something in your past that you need to resolve.  The aim of psychodynamic counselling is to help you to become more self-aware and to consider how the past has affected you.  You may be able to heal past experiences by talking them through. Painful experiences, e.g. feelings of grief, anger or hurt can then be processed in a healthy way, and you can live better in the present.
Just as with the person-centred counselling, psychodynamic counselling is also about offering a safe and therapeutic relationship.  I use my psychodynamic counselling skills to:

  • Encourage you to think about your past and how it has affected you
  • Help you to become more conscious of your relationships and patterns of behaviour
  • Assist you in becoming more self-aware
  • Enable you to resolve and heal old wounds


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